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Baby Doll Dress


This piece is unique and exclusive. Each print is carefully hand-selected in India and makes each garment unique. Short dress with long sleeves, with large, double and curly neck and silver button in the center. The collar can be opened for comfort. You can also use it as a blouse with pants underneath.

In stock

Measurements (unique size)
Lenght: 80 cm
Body width: 70 cm

Saris from India with different components such as silk, georgette and acrylic in different percentages.

If you want to know more about our brand you can visit our and Manufacturing Process Section and Meet Inma.

Individual wash with short program (30 degrees)
Short Spin
Hanger ir out and let it dry under Mother Nature air
Dont use dryer
Dont use chemical products
Only if its neccesary use the iron at a minimum temperature

Baby Doll Dress


locally produced sustainable fashion

FROM 70€

*Available only on Spain


we give sarees a new life



The concept of this brand is to reuse the Indian sarees, avoiding small imperfections that may exist in the material due to its possible previous use, since in a high percentage are used sarees, and give the end customer not only a garment, but a story with each piece. Through the recycling of the sari, or rather supra-cycling, we give a second life to the garment and make its history continue. By reusing these fabrics, we are not generating extra waste and, in this way, we create a more environmentally friendly clothing production than the conventional one, since we do not use resources by producing new raw material, but we take advantage of materials that have been discarded either by their use or by small defects that we, as far as possible, eliminate. With this process we also create a circular economy, thanks to the purchase and sale of these saris we generate income for these women and our team of local tailors.

In the Sustainable section you will find garments that, due to the nature, the ink printing and the purely handmade production of the sarees, present small imperfections. In many occasions they are practically imperceptible or they are in little visible areas and we consider that you can give life to them, leaving aside prejudices and labels, being these marks a sign of exclusivity.

Each garment is unique and unrepeatable. Even its possible small marks are special, like any scar that tells us where we have been.

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